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There is a widely-held belief that women hold all the cards when walking into divorce court. In past decades, men have earned the lion’s share of the household income while women have seen to the home and cared for the children. In a divorce, this meant that men typically were required to make support payments to the ex-wives who would have custody of the children. While society has seen changes in the role of men and women both in the home and in the workforce, the courts have not always been able to keep up with the changing times. Changing Face of the Family In this day and age, there are many households where the earnings are equal or the wife is the main breadwinner, and men are no longer content with every-other-weekend visits. They want more quality time with their children, and they don’t want to pay support to a...
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The recent interest in brain injuries in the media might make people think that this is an injury unique to only NFL football players. The fact is though, that traumatic brain injuries in athletes account for only about 20% of these injuries. Motor vehicle crashes are actually the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries that result in hospitalizations. In a report by the Centers for Disease Control to Congress, it was reported that each year approximately 1.7 million people suffer a traumatic brain injury, over 50,000 people die per year and between 80 and 90,000 people are left with a long term disability. A Dallas firm in the DFW area and the entire regions of North Texas are known in the region for aggressive as well as excellent injury litigation. The law offices of Rick Weaver are well-versed in personal injury and other mass litigation action cases throughout the United States....
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There is a common misconception that those who file bankruptcy are somehow getting away with something. While this is true in a few rare circumstances, the great overwhelming majority of bankruptcy clients who file to receive protection are looking at bankruptcy as a last resort. They have often struggled, scrimped, and limped by trying to make things work financially until they finally throw in the towel. Our Dallas bankruptcy lawyer Richard Weaver understands how families can be terribly affected by medical problems. With medical problems rated as the number one reason to file bankruptcy, it is common for the bills themselves to rack up. Additionally, there is the impact on the earning capacity. Even on top of the medical bills, there is the inability to earn money due to being down and out for the count. Even when coming back to work, there are often major restrictions on the ability to...
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If you require medical or clinical care, there is no worse feeling than having some sort of negligence happen to you during your stay in hospital or in a care facility. Not only can this make you feel worse and harm your health in the short and long term, it can seriously hinder you working and living a normal life due to your injuries. I spoke with clinical claims specialists Claim Today for this article and they highlighted to me these important steps when making a medical claim. Do you have a Legitimate Claim? First and foremost, it’s important that you establish whether you have a legitimate claim or not. Clinical negligence can come from the following: -        Mistake made from surgery -        Knee replacement errors -        Sub Standard care from nurses dentists and medical professionals. If any of these have happened to you then you have basis for a claim....
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A Business Major, A Superb athlete, An aspiring model. Sean's  perfectly set life was about to turn around on that fateful night. It was the Saturday night before the Easter Sunday, 2005. Sean was drinking with his friends and was going home with a friend Ryan McDaniel. Sean knew he was too drunk to drive but so was Ryan who was dropping him home. Ryan's car hydroplaned and crashed into a tree, he fled from the scene and Sean was left with a brain injury that left him unable to move, to take a bath, to simply walk or talk even. He had lost his voice also in the accident. Life-turned upside down for this 22 year old. Jacqueline Saburido, a student from Venezuela had come to Texas to learn English during her college break. An Engineering student she wanted to help her father run his air-conditioning business , but first...
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