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There are a variety of functions that public notaries perform. Following are descriptions of the most common notarial duties. While all states let their notaries to perform oaths/affirmations and acknowledgments, whether a notary may perform some other duties varies depending on the unique notary laws in each state. Honour and notaries are expected to understand what their state laws allow them to do. ACKNOWLEDGMENT Some record transactions require that the signer make an official announcement before a notary, thereby "recognizing" execution (signing) of the document. Specifically, that is verbally acknowledged by the signer: -- The signer understands the contents and purpose of the file; -- The signature is his/her own -- The record was signed willingly (no coercion) Files typically requiring an acknowledgment are powers of attorney, contracts, deeds, agreements, etc. These documents comprise terms to which the signer is agreeing. Documents demanding acknowledgment can be signed earlier than or at the time of notarization. If the record presented to the notary is unsigned, the notary should have the signer sign the record prior to administering the verbal service (see below). Having ensured that all the expected components for lawful notarization are present (see bullets below), the notary will verbally ask the signer the following or similar: "Do you acknowledge or declare that you just comprehend this record and have signed it voluntarily for the purposes stated inside it?" The signer will reply "Yes." By filling out his/her notarial certificate, subsequently sealing and signing the certificate the notary will subsequently finish...
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The Trend: Financial Advisors Switching Firms Back in 2011, the Aite Group, a Boston-based financial industry research and advisory firm, released a study predicting that 2012 and 2013 would see an increase in the number of financial advisors switching firms.  Although I have not seen the current data, anecdotal evidence suggests that Aite’s prediction was correct. Over the past three years, I have seen numerous instances of firm switching. I have read about numerous cases involving financial advisors and their former firms litigating over customer relationships. In many instances, these cases also involve the new company. The standard scenario (a pure hypothetical): John works for Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor and has a $300 million book. He gets a lucrative offer to join a smaller but growing bank called New Capital Bank. John tells all his clients that he will be at NCB starting Monday and he needs them all to bring their accounts over. John jumps ship and the clients follow. Morgan sues John alleging breach of a non-solicitation and non-compete agreement, misappropriation of trade secrets, and unfair competition. Morgan also sues NCB alleging misappropriation of trade secrets and tortious interference. This general scenario – financial advisors switching firms – raises a number of issues on the non-compete and trade secrets front. Both the financial advisors jumping ship and their new banks need to weigh a number of considerations before making any moves. Key Considerations before Making the Move (1)   The Agreements – The contracts at issue will frame...
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A recent revision in the Thai Immigration Laws is ready to make things tougher for foreign immigrants who leave Thailand in order to expand their Visa free stay. They will not be permitted to re- migrate through the land checkpoints and airports of the country. There is already an existing regulation, where the foreign immigrants are not allowed to depart and re-enter through the land checkpoints. But, from August 12th this regulation is going to extend in other check-in points like sea, air and land. Foreigners visiting Thailand, often opt for exit/entry trips in order to extend their stay in the country. A simple stamp in the passport from a border checkpoint provides a visa- exemption which allows the foreigners for an extended visa-free stay. In addition to this, an increasing number of tourists opt for this trick, in order to avoid the hassles of applying for a ninety-days-immigrant visa or sixty-days-tourist visas. The Immigration Bureau of Thailand recently confirmed to take a rigid stand about restricting this practice.  The officials believe that, if properly enforced, this new law will effectively restrict the method of illegal border runs which are often performed by foreigners who settle inland for the purpose of job search. The immigration officials agree on a common point that these illegal border runs are nothing but the misuse of the visa exemptions or loopholes. Thai media has guffawed it as “Visa Runs” and they are supporting the fact that, this law is going to put an end to...
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So you are carrying a serious injury as a result of horrible road accident. Bear in mind that serious injuries can occur on account of various factors. For example, one of the most critical factors of serious injury can be building falls. You should keep in mind the actual cause of the injury. What are the most critical injuries? One of the most terrible injuries can be brain injury. It is an incurable injury because it will take a lot of time for recovery and rehabilitation. Therefore if someone has been suffering from this kind of brutal and life threatening injury, he or she should consult very good brain surgeon right away in order to find a proper treatment and care. On the other side, a person may experience spinal injury as a result of horrible accident in life. What is the most dreadful impact of this type of injury? Generally such type of incident occurs as a result of sudden accident at work or road accident. When it comes to the treatment for backbone injury, the victims will need to consult expert spinal injury surgeon as quickly as possible. Also the victims will need to select talented and experienced serious injury lawyers so as to resolve their matters. How can someone find a loyal serious injury solicitor? What is the most convenient way to select the most competent personal injury lawyer? How can the victims recover their injuries and damages? What is the most suitable way to make the right...
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There are various problems faced by us in our whole lives. Right from the time we are born to the stretched period of our old-age; we go through several things either alone or with the support of someone else. However, when it comes to legal matters where things are not in your hands but in the hands of the law, it is time for you to consult or even think of hiring a lawyer. Following are the four most common situations or problems when people think of consulting a lawyer: During a stressful marriage: If you think you are going through a marriage which, by no means, can be lived with, then it is time for you to take the call and file in for divorce. Reasons can by many or any but your mind should be stable on the decision. Think before taking the decision for filing in for divorce. In fact, think harder before thinking about divorce. It is not a small thing to break your relationship with your spouse, especially if there was a time when you both loved each other a lot. So think hard before deciding something like this. When you break any law: If you know you have broken a law and would be caught soon for it, it is time for you to consult a lawyer. With the help of the right kind of lawyer, like the ones that you get to find in Stecco and Ward, you are able to understand the consequences...
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